Conscious Dance Training

Elevate your skills, embrace your passion, and become a catalyst for positive change through the art of conscious dance with our specialized training programs and world class faculty.

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Become a Leader in Concious Dance!!

Do you love to dance and want to share the magic with your community?Dance Weavers Conscious dance training welcomes you into the world of music curation, dj skills and space holding.Our unique program is designed to amplify your connection to music, elevate your DJ skills, and empower you as a mindful facilitator.


Module 1: DJ & Music Curation Training (online)

An 8 week immersive online course with amazing teachers where we explore the combined art of music curation and DJ skills.

Module 2: Facilitator Training
(in person)

Learn the art of holding space for transformative movement, deepen your facilitation skills and practice creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for dancers to explore their authentic expression.

Special Bonus for Full Program!

Participants in the full program also receive a Q & A call with the cohort and 1:1 mentorship to support the creation of your unique offering!!

Will you join us?

Module 1

DJ & Music Curation Training

Are you passionate about music and always dreamed to take people on a musical journey?Do you make playlists and want to learn to weave them together seamlessly?Have you always had a secret longing to be a DJ?Join this fun and inspirational 8 week training to learn the foundations of DJ and music curation for a conscious dance arc.Led by a multi-talented teaching faculty, Dance Weavers DJ & Music Curation Training is a beautiful opportunity to connect with other inspired and embodied music lovers and deepen your craft.

What's Included:

  • 8 online modules led by world class DJ/music curators

  • Intuitive guide to DJ software (focused on Traktor Pro 3)

  • Holistic approach to music curation

  • Full access to video recordings

  • Q & A time in every class, via email and fb group outside of classes

  • Supportive learning environment for all levels of tech experience

  • Connection with others on a similar path, creating community and possible opportunities for collaboration

Next Course Dates: April 9-May 28th, 2024

Module 2

Facilitator Training

Do you love to dance and feel excited to share this love with others?Are you ready to amplify your confidence and elevate your offerings to the next level?If dance is your medicine and you feel a calling to share its transformative power, Dance Weavers Facilitator Training offers you a solid foundation to hone your gifts. Join us in crafting unforgettable dance experiences and becoming a catalyst for positive change!An opportunity to practice in a held container and deepen into your confidence as a facilitator.We invite you to step into your role as a space-holder and journey weaver to call people deeper into their bodies and presence.

This is an immersive, interactive, in-person,
hands-on, 4 day training at a beautiful location
on Salt Spring Island.


In this training you will learn how to:

  • Create a safe, sacred, welcoming space for people to arrive into

  • Find your own unique style of facilitation that weaves in your authentic expression

  • Lead with a clear, confident and relaxed facilitator voice

  • Guide from your own embodied experience

  • Master warm-up, meditation, and presence techniques

  • Learn cool-down practices to help people ground at the end of the dance

  • Develop the skills to read the room, assessing and adapting to the needs of your participants


Next Course Dates: August 6-9th, 2024

Optional: attend Dance Temple Salt Spring Deep Dive, August 2-4th and receive additional immersive experience with conscious dance facilitation from our whole team

Dance Weavers

Full Program

All the skills you need to run your own community dance event!Dance Weavers Conscious Dance Training offers an immersive journey into the realms of music curation, DJ skills and space holding, inviting dance enthusiasts to share their passion with their community.The full program, divided into two in depth modules, aims to enhance participants' connection to music while refining their DJ abilities and empowering them as mindful facilitators.Participants in the full program also receive a Q & A call with the cohort and personalized 1:1 mentorship to support the development of their unique offerings.Will you join us on this transformative journey?

About Us

Naomi and Lila have been guiding ecstatic dance journeys for the past 14+ years as part of a collective of women holding Dance Temple, a thriving weekly conscious dance journey that happens both on Salt Spring Island and in Victoria on the West Coast of Canada.Many who have experienced Dance Temple have expressed that it’s their favorite dance floor which feels like a testament to the magic that has been woven and seeded through the many years of curating these spaces.Bringing their years of experience as facilitators, DJ’s and event producers, Naomi and Lila along with an experienced selection of guest teachers, give you a well rounded, interactive, supportive environment to feel confident and inspired crafting conscious dance journeys for your community.As Ecstatic Dance continues to grow, they are excited to support the expansion of this powerful movement medicine into more communities around the world.

Additional faculty


Alex King-Harris

Advanced DJ Skills

Catia Wilson

Music Curation and Facilitation


Shauna Devlin

5 Rhythms, Musical Theory, Facilitation


What people are saying...

Such a good training! I DJ regular dance events now largely based on what I learned through this 🙏

~Connie Quayle

Clearly so much intention and thought went into this training. If you have any curiosity in the world of music curation and DJ’ing, Naomi and Lila have so much to teach and truly do a phenomenal job at passing on their knowledge with ease and inspiration. This is simply not a training on just how to play with your EQ’s. This training has a holistic approach to creating a sound journey where you are reminded to feel the music and trust your intuition as you explore this art form.


5/5!!! Would recommend!!

~Andrew Allsgood

This programme was so fun and valuable!

~Katherine Rachel Watt

Ready to elevate your skills, embrace your passion, and become a catalyst for positive change through the art of conscious dance as a facilitator?

*Please inquire about further conversation/mentorship for starting a Dance Temple in your area. Participation in the Dance Weavers Full program does not automatically grant you endorsement for initiating your own Dance Temple in accordance with Dance Temple International standards.**Once course begins, there are no refunds unless there is an emergency